I can see the future

Well folks, Trump wins the weekly liar and, in this case, nut case award.

Now he claims that he can foresee future events.  NO Donny, you are not a soothsayer, nor are you a good businessman and absolutely not a good President.

Fortunately for us, evidence continues to fill in the gaps of how this “thing” wound up in the White House, along with his band of goons and thugs, and with a little luck he can be stopped before he does irreversible damage to our Unites States of America.

Oh, for those misguided folks that actually support this SOS in a silk suit, we are and have for over 250 years been great.


The Trump clan is honest and looking out for your interests.

Biggest lie of the year so far.

Trump, his family and associates are not the least bit interested in your security, social or actual, nor are they interested in seeing that you have the opportunity to achieve your goals.

Trump only knows how to belittle everyone that disagrees with him, fire prosecutors that disagree with him, threaten federal judges and, once again, attempt to turn public opinion against our judicial system.

If I were scratching an accurate description of Donald Trump in fresh cement on a street corner it would go something like this:”Donald Trump is a lying sack of shit.  Gutter trash in a suit that is willing to sell the future of every American citizen for a few pieces of silver.”

Shame on you Donald Trump.  Shame on you.


There’s really no point in trying to identify this psycho’s individual lies anymore.  Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie in one form or another.

He lied to the depressed American working force by promising to bring back jobs that no longer exist in the U.S.  What’s next, promising to bring back buggy whip production?

He lied about his taxes, his affiliation with foreign governments, specifically Russia, his financial dealings, his history and everything thing else.

So, it’s time to get some help from my readers to put some new source of lies out there.  Hopefully some funny ones.  We could all use a break from the latest dominant liar.

Bring um.

Obaba ordered the bugging of Trump tower.

Here I thought someone had topped Trump as the #1 liar for today and he comes up with this topper.

We now know, without a doubt, that Donald Trump is paranoid beyond reason or, and this may be worse, willing to tell any lie that may distract attention from his dealings with Russia and other illegal enterprises, the extent of which seems to be oozing out of his band of cronies.

Time to stop this nut before he does damage that can’t be repaired.

Contact your congressional Representatives and Senators and Justices to  initiate impeachment proceedings as soon as humanly possible.  Trump is way too dangerous to be allowed to continue his insanity.

Today Google Trumps Trump

Surprise!  Google has managed to beat the biggest liar on the planet and here’s how:

They are blocking email accounts and charging a fee to, maybe, have a tech get it fixed.  Stress “MAYBE”.

Recently, this writer had a computer problem requiring a warranty repair.  Bought a little used unit for my trip to Asia and, yes, you guessed it, Google blocked 3 accounts because the “thought” it might be someone else and sent notices to the 3 blocked accounts.  Brilliant!  How can the notices possible be read?

Here’s the real rub;  Back in the U.S., same location as before the trip, repaired computer returned with new hard drive and not it’s time to get the accounts back.  Easy, right?  No.  Now Google says the passwords are wrong.  Go to password recovery and answer all the questions except 2: phone used when the account was originated and contact email of the same date.  The phone number is a land line and Google doesn’t remember the pre mobile phone era and no text can be received by a land line.  Next is the original email contact which no longer exists (did I mention that all 3 accounts are more than 10 years old?) so that doesn’t work either, but all the other Q&A are exact.  A message appears that Google can prove I own the account so I’m out of luck.

Now for the motivation behind Google’s insane security nightmare:  Seeking new sources of revenue, Google now offers online Gmail help.  You spend time writing to, what is represented as a tech but is actually a robot, that finally redirects you to a page that wants $37.00 to “maybe” answer you question.  That’s right, they want you to pay to “maybe” get something fixed that they broke.

So, welcome Google as today’s champion liar.

“I did not talk to any Russians”

Today’s lie was brought to us by the new U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, when he responded to a Question by Senator Al Franken. Senator Franken ask him, during the approval process what he would do if he knew anyone in Trumps campaign group talked with the Russians.   Sessions replied as if the question was personal, which it was not.

He told an absolute lie, which was proven to be a lie the following day.

Is there anyone in the Trump gang that isn’t a flat out liar?

Trump had NOT taken another step toward dictatorship

Yes he has, two in fact in just 2 days.

Last night, as speaker at a Republican gathering, opening with building the wall ahead of schedule.  Trump turned his talk into a rally, bashing the press and re-igniting a chant of “lock her up” by keying on the one really bad comment made by Hilary Clinton.  This is not Presidential.  This is the act of a dictator stirring hatred in his followers.

This morning, only selected press representatives were allowed into the daily press conference, held in the press secretary’s office and called a “gaggle”.

These are two steps that are no longer baby steps.  With each day, Trump is clearly feeling more comfortable in his steps toward his goal.

Walls are not built to keep people out, they are built to keep people in.  Inciting xenophobia, fear and hatred are not Presidential, they are the acts of a cowardly bully.

Tell you Senators and Congressmen to stop him while they still can.

Trump is NOT taking a path toward dictatorship.

Wake up!  Trump is easing closer each day to creating a dictatorship and it is obvious to anyone who has any knowledge of history.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao all did the exact same things:  Separate the population into the intellectuals (well educated) and the less educated and promise the losers that their problems will all be solved by getting rid of the exact thing their parents, grandparents or great grandparents were, immigrants, delegitimize the legitimate press, delegitimize the judicial system and finally, create conflict between opposing sides.  The minute he can bring in the police, he will suspend Habeas Corpus, create a “national police” (goon squads) the beat the opposition into submission.

Depressing?  You bet.

Unfortunately, when he succeeds in his plan, the enemies of our country will see it as the weakness it is, not the strength that Trump believes, and we will be thrust into a conflict that no one can win.


Trump is NOT working to create unrest in preparation to suspend the Constitution.

This is such an obvious lie that even children, with access to history, can see it clearly.

Discredit the press, create division at home, attack the intellectuals and educators, create distrust with allies and prepare to assume absolute power under the guise of “homeland security”.

This is so dangerous that we have only weeks, not months, to impeach this corrupt ego maniac and do a clean sweep of the trash he drug into the White House with him.

Anyone thinking that they are not in danger of unlawful detainment is lying to themselves.  Don’t be one of them

However, it is imperative that no one provoke violence.  His goons will begin provoking demonstrators soon enough.  A show of violence is exactly what he wants.  He wants and needs an excuse to suspend habeas corpus, create a national police and suspend civil rights.

Write, call or visit your congressman and or Senator today.

Trump is NOT following the same path as Adolph Hitler.


This lying megalomaniac is following the same path as Adolph Hitler.  The differences are who he is attacking, undocumented immigrants and Islam but there will be more.

His latest rally is another step taken directly from the Hitler text book on dividing people and inciting violence.  Did you notice the T shirt on the guy he called to the stage?  Accident?  C’mon.

The time to stop this is limited.  Use the Constitution and the thinking elected Congressmen and Senators to impeach this psychotic piece of trash before you are walking through the rubble that was your home.