I was going to try to keep this simple but the future of your families is not a simple topic.

This male human animal has insulted everyone except our adversaries and when challenged he says he was only kidding or it was a sarcastic remark. Not funny Don.  Not funny at all.

This fear mongering mass of lying flesh is selling the worst to the weakest.  Fear, hate, prejudice and bigotry.  Not one positive word has been uttered out of those over active lips and not one honest rebuttal, just insults and bragging.

Trump is not a funny lie, a little lie or even normal lie, he’s the kind of lies that creates distrust, frustration, hopelessness and decay.

It is this writer’s belief that the only way he can serve this nation is to shut up and go home.

Windows 10 is a great system and Microsoft is a company that cares about it’s customers


I’ve left Microsoft alone until now but, with the intimidating manor they are shoving everyone into their network, in the form of windows 10, forces me to get involved.

For starters, we are not lab rats and should not be used at test animals while they attempt, once again, to dominate our computers.  Widows 10 has so many problems, ranging from compatibility to file corruption and data loss.  Windows 10 is a social media trap that sucks people into the web with glitzy “new” (not really) gadgets like the voice activation (only if you sign in using your Microsoft account) and opens your computer to scrutiny by who know who.  All this in the name of progress.  Well, anyone that’s ever used Nuance knows it’s not new.

Now, If Microsoft extends their “free” offer, eliminates the sign in requirement to sign into a Microsoft account to use Cortina (note the name.  We’ll get into that later) and fixes the plethora of other issues that presently infect the program and allow us to select what we want on our opening page and scrap all the useless garbage, then it may be a good system.

Can we really trust our private data to a company that can’t even maintain a game server?

I’m not a liar

That’s one of the biggest piles of absolute Bull Shit ever spoken.

The first thing is to admit you are a liar.  I’m a liar, along with every other human being on the face of the earth.

You’re new to the site so perhaps it’s a good idea if I offer a few suggestions:

The object here is for people to contribute their favorite or least favorite lies, so the first thing is to admit you’re a liar.

C’mon, there are so many to choose from and we have an endless supply of virtual space so we can discuss the all.

This being an election year, the news, internet and every bar, restaurant, street corner and even in the privacy of your own home, the lies are everywhere.

Share your best and worst lies.  You’ll get them off your chest and maybe, just maybe, have a little fun in the process.

Think of it as a confessional.  Unload your lies, close your eyes, say some magic words and, poof, all that stress you’ve been dragging behind you in that trunk of hidden garbage is gone.  It’s magic.

Now who’s first?


A fresh start is never a good idea!

How’s that for a good lie to start with?  A fresh start is, nearly, always a good idea.

Why starting from scratch?  Too many spammers leaped into the little void I left unprotected and not one had ever seen a single word of this site.

It may turn out that I’m the only one that ever reads, or writes, about the current, and past, lies.  Sort of like the late night DJ that talks into a microphone to a sleeping world.  “Is anyone out there”?

We’ll see.