Trump is NOT taking a path toward dictatorship.

Wake up!  Trump is easing closer each day to creating a dictatorship and it is obvious to anyone who has any knowledge of history.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao all did the exact same things:  Separate the population into the intellectuals (well educated) and the less educated and promise the losers that their problems will all be solved by getting rid of the exact thing their parents, grandparents or great grandparents were, immigrants, delegitimize the legitimate press, delegitimize the judicial system and finally, create conflict between opposing sides.  The minute he can bring in the police, he will suspend Habeas Corpus, create a “national police” (goon squads) the beat the opposition into submission.

Depressing?  You bet.

Unfortunately, when he succeeds in his plan, the enemies of our country will see it as the weakness it is, not the strength that Trump believes, and we will be thrust into a conflict that no one can win.


Trump is NOT working to create unrest in preparation to suspend the Constitution.

This is such an obvious lie that even children, with access to history, can see it clearly.

Discredit the press, create division at home, attack the intellectuals and educators, create distrust with allies and prepare to assume absolute power under the guise of “homeland security”.

This is so dangerous that we have only weeks, not months, to impeach this corrupt ego maniac and do a clean sweep of the trash he drug into the White House with him.

Anyone thinking that they are not in danger of unlawful detainment is lying to themselves.  Don’t be one of them

However, it is imperative that no one provoke violence.  His goons will begin provoking demonstrators soon enough.  A show of violence is exactly what he wants.  He wants and needs an excuse to suspend habeas corpus, create a national police and suspend civil rights.

Write, call or visit your congressman and or Senator today.

Trump is NOT following the same path as Adolph Hitler.


This lying megalomaniac is following the same path as Adolph Hitler.  The differences are who he is attacking, undocumented immigrants and Islam but there will be more.

His latest rally is another step taken directly from the Hitler text book on dividing people and inciting violence.  Did you notice the T shirt on the guy he called to the stage?  Accident?  C’mon.

The time to stop this is limited.  Use the Constitution and the thinking elected Congressmen and Senators to impeach this psychotic piece of trash before you are walking through the rubble that was your home.


Donald Trumps persistent Lies and media bashing does not present a clear and president threat to our democratic process.

Yeah, it’s a long lie, but after watching a dozen international new programs from my present Asian location, there is no way to let it go.

This will, hopefully, be the next to last lie by Trump for awhile.  There are many other significant lies that need attention.

Some of you might consider tossing in a lie or two.  Yes, I’ve heard most of them but something might have slipped by unnoticed.

At this point, I would catalogue all of Trump ridiculous campaign lies like “I’ll bring the jobs back from China” “I know more about ISIL than the generals”.  No!  He can’t bring jobs back from China, any jobs and he doesn’t know a damn thing ISIL, it’s cause or motivation and he’s uniquely unqualified to even understand the cause, let alone deal with growing problems that led to it.

Trump was described by one of his ex-workers as “gutter trash in an expensive suit.”  A news caster from London flatly stated that Trump is a pathological liar.

How about you people contribute something.  No, not money, your thoughts.


Trump is a great negotiator and honest broker

Not even close!  Not only is he a lousy negotiator, he doesn’t even know when he’s being laughed at.

He stood on the stage with Benjamin Netanyahu and, stupidly, replied to a question about the Israel Palestine issue with, I can go with either on, I like what the two of them like, and obviously didn’t have a clue that he looked completely stupid, when Netanyahu, literally, laughed out loud.

Trump:  Ideas? “0”, constructive plans? “0”. Whining? 100%.

If he was just a sniveling coward and bully it would be so bad but it’s worse than that.  By continuing to attack the honest press he is endangering your future and the future of your children.


Trump did NOT know about the contacts with Russia by his staff.

C’mon.  That one is so far out there that it makes Nixon’s Watergate look like kids at a frat party.

Trump insists on being in control of everything, right down to the # of stitches in his suits.  Does any thinking person believe, for even a second, that his closest personal advisors could be making calls to Russian agents, discussing plans for favorable treatment of Russia if Donald was elected?  Of course not.  It’s not only, using legal terms, beyond reasonable doubt but likely that he instructed them.

Is it a coincidence that that Trump praised Russia while on the campaign trail?  This is so obvious that Impeachment is far too easy a road.

The next questions is; who else was involved?  This is a corrupt administration, born out of lies, deceptions and corruption and the entire group is contaminated.

Trump did NOT get to the White House on a path paved with lies, deceptions and worse.

Oh boy, what a whopper.

Not only have their been daily, even hourly, revelations about the campaign but now it’s getting more serious; collusion with a foreign government.

It’s now been confirmed that General Mike Flynn, the National Security Adviser, spoke to the Russian Ambassador about sanctions about the time President Obama was going to impose them on Russia.

Just how obvious does it have to become before the, legitimately elected, members of Congress take action?

Deporting undocumented Latinos will return jobs to the Unites States

Hah!  All the dumb shits that bought that line crap deserve what they get.

Donald Trump, who has not done a single day’s hard work in his life, lied his ass off and continues to perpetuate that lie.

Question:  Which one of you will do the jobs those undocumented Latinos are doing?  C’mon, step up.  Oh, you’re not willing to work 10 hours a day for below minimum wage to support your family and give them an opportunity to improve their lives?  No shit.

So, now we know that those struggling immigrants are not taking your jobs, but doing the jobs you would not do instead.

There are fewer jobs because of progress in technology, robotics and a larger population trying to squeeze into the same sized space.

Trump in NOT displaying the demeanor of a spoiled rotten 10 year old cowardly bully.

Really?  That’s exactly what is happening.  Like all bullies, he surrounds himself with other cowards that are willing to do his bidding.

Trumps “advisers” have no more knowledge of how the world works, let along the greatest government on Earth, than they have of ethics, fair play and common sense.

So far he, and his band of fellow degenerates, have made every square inch of the planet more dangerous for American citizens.  If thin “thing” that has such a huge ego is allowed to continue there is only one foreseeable outcome and that is a religious war.  Yes, I said war.

Perhaps if someone close enough to him, with a little more brain power and less cowardly, can sit him down like the spoiled brat he is and put a stop this one way trip.

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